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  • The NETGEAR 8800 Series takes a modular, future-proof approach to consolidating data and voice networking services essential to the success of medium-size enterprises.
  • Supports more industry standard protocols than comparable devices in the market
  • Connectivity options include Gigabit copper, Gigabit optical, and 10 Gigabit optical I/O modules, as well as optional 802.3 af power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Local Switching on every I/O module and 48 Gbps per slot bidirectional bandwidth provide high-density, line-rate connectivity.
  • XCM8810 switches have a complete L2/L3/L4 aggregation feature set, including IPv6, and an optional Advanced Core license upgrade for critical core applications—reducing management overhead, operational complexity, and capital expenditure for a wide variety of applications.


  • Reliability and service availability were top design priorities with the NETGEAR XCM8800 Series—built from the ground up to deliver network peace of mind.
  • Offers redundant control modules and power supply configuration options backed by automated fail-over functions.
  • NETGEAR OS running on the XCM8800 Series features full preemptive multitasking with fault isolation.
  • NETGEAR OS monitors process execution in real time, automatically restarting failed or stalled processes.
  • Includes built-in threat detection and hardening against denial of service attacks that can not only disrupt business operations, but also damage public reputation.

Business Value

Like all NETGEAR products, the NETGEAR XCM8800 Series delivers maximum functionality with minimum complexity.

  • Combats networking device sprawl through its rack-mount design and complete line of plug and play functional modules.
  • Operating software and system management features take complexity out of delivering network services for medium sized organizations.