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Remote site survey customized for your company

This is the perfect opportunity to have the NETGEAR technical team design your wireless network with trained specialists for FREE!

For management of multiple Access Points from a centralized location, the wireless controller and wireless management system provide an easy and intuitive way for simplified control of the wireless network. The ProSAFEĀ® wireless portfolio is designed with simplicity in mind for end customers that may not have all of the IT expertise. The wireless portfolio is enterprise grade with full functionality of wireless security and rich set of networking capabilities.
Survey includes:

  • Based on a detailed analysis of your premises and requirements for a future wireless network, a customized proposal for your NETGEAR ProSAFE wireless solution is developed.
  • Included are the number of required APs, their optimal location and a simulated coverage map. A comprehensive report could also include other equipment (such as PoE switches, storage, and security) to complement your wireless deployment.

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